About Us

Owners Reed and Karin Kennedy opened their first Yozen Frogurt shop in West Hills, California during 2007. Karin, originally from Germany and a former nurse, owned a miniature frozen yogurt machine and enjoyed making an assortment of wholesome, frozen yogurt treats for her family. Reed, who saw the health benefits of yogurt as being deliciously good for folks, suggested they “share the good stuff” and soon afterwards Yozen Frogurt opened. Karin loves coming up with tasty new flavors. To date, she has created 70 custom recipes. “If you want a special flavor, just ask me and, if it can be made, I’ll create it.” Says, Karin. She also holds the secret recipe for her crumbly, Vanillekipfer’l cookies, which to the delight of her many friends are received as gifts each year.

Yozen Frogurt’s tart Lite flavors provide fewer calories than the non-fat per fluid ounce and the sugar free flavors are bursting with tasty goodness. For those watching their waste-line, the only 8 flavors have, surprise, only 8 calories per fluid ounce.  How’s that for a guilt free treat! Naturally, Yozen Frogurt is made fresh, everyday, and contains both live and active cultures. You can discover the health benefits of yogurt by checking out some of the links in the Nutritional Info section.

Just as important to the Kennedy’s as a multitude of great flavors are cleanliness, health and service. Yozen Frogurt frozen yogurt is made fresh daily from liquid form and contains both live and active cultures. Each sparkling clean shop lists the nutritional information inside and has a super friendly staff to help everybody.

Reed and Karin also enjoy supporting the community and sponsor a variety of schools and organizations. In 2008, Reed found potential in a double store front and removed the walls to make one shop. Why not reserve the shop for your next special event, birthday party or fund raiser?

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